Indian Media Houses Accused of Biased  Reporting in the Face of Farmers Plights

The role of newsmen and newswomen is to report truthfully and fairly. Nations like the United States have this experience as news outlets were able to criticize and analyze the Trump administration at any given time. The same thing is still applicable as news outlets like FOX are known to be critical of the new president’s administration.

The point is that press functions have to be fair and objective in every sense of the word. However, this does not happen to be the case in a nation like India.

The Reason for the Farmers Plight

The nation of India is in a state of disarray. This is considering how farmers and policymakers are not on the same page over the new agricultural reform laws passed by the prime minister’s administration.

The farmers explain that the laws are not in their best interest but that of capitalists that will leave no stone untouched in extorting them.

From their stance, the new policies are bad considering that the former laws even needed to be more lenient to these farmers. Now, these recent laws are proof that the administration cares less about the plight of over 500 million farmers. 

How Indigenous News Outlets Are Fueling the Farmers-Indian Government Crisis

To further compound the problem, indigenous news outlets are fueling the Farmers-Indian Government Crisis. This is considering how their reporting has been aimed at painting the farmers as hooligans and portraying the prime minister’s administration as well-intended.

These pressmen and women leave out the apparent facts and exaggerate the actions of the bitter farmers. This is because many of these news outlets are owned and run by families in the corporate setup. The very setup that the government wants to hand over the reins of the agricultural sector to. This is even though it is at the expense of the over 500 million farmers.

However, there is hope considering that the international community is not fooled by the reports of these indigenous news outlets. As a matter of fact, many celebrities such as Rihanna and Mia Khalifa have been open in their rebuke of the Indian government.

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